Why Are Sagittarius So Independent?

Why Are Sagittarius So Independent?

Nothing says I'm a Sagittarius like Miley Cyrus singing the song 'Midnight Sky".

A strong need to be free is what defines the Sagittarius zodiac sign. 

Sagittarius is so independent. They have to do their own thing or else unhappiness sets in.

Born between November 22-December 21, Sagittarius is an independent zodiac sign who is complex and multifaceted. They love to travel and to make friends. Everything that they do requires that there be no strings attached.

Why are Sagittarius so independent?

When you learn that there is so much about life to explore, you want to experience it right away.

Sagittarians love to learn about life and each day is an opportunity to discover something new.

They hate to feel stuck in one place or mindset for too long.

Sagittarians value their independence. They are free spirits who are unafraid to travel and explore the world.

They love to test their strength with physical adventures. They are independent thinkers, who explore life through their ideas.

What is it about this zodiac sign that makes them so independent?

Read on to find out why Sagittarius is so independent, per astrology:

1. Sagittarius loves to explore.

If you ever want a travel buddy or need a friend who brings out the best in you, find a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the manic pixie dream girl of the zodiac charming the awkward and emotionally stunted into becoming bolder.

Sagittarius is very independent and won’t let themselves be held back.

If you've made friends with a Sag, you have to learn how to keep up with their quick-moving minds and spirits.

2. Sagittarius is courageous.

Sagittarius's archetype is the centaur.

Sagittarius’ symbol is a centaur, half-horse, and half-human.

Their beast half allows Sagittarius to tap into their primal side.

They have strong instincts and seek pleasure while their human half creates an intellectual, curious layer that gives deeper meaning to their concrete worlds.

Sagittarius wants to find joy and passion in their lives. They are curious natured.

Their zodiac sign's mutability gives them the courage to try new things.

They enjoy exercising both mind and body allowing for adventures to take many shapes of those ideas or activities.

Sagittarius’ boldness inspires others to want to be more of a free spirit like them.

3. Sagittarius is culturally aware.

Their zodiac sign rules the ninth astrology house which is about religion and world culture.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter in association with the Greek god Zeus.

Jupiter focuses on big picture ideas making Sagittarius think in terms of the grand scheme of things.

Their constant quest for joy in life not only makes them adventurous in spirit but also in their minds.

Sagittarius wants to find the meaning behind everything they and others do.

They will think deeply to search for that meaning until satisfied with an answer that resonates with them.

4. They have mutable fire energy.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign born at the end of fall/the beginning of winter.

This modality and element emphasize the ever-changing nature of life allowing Sagittarius to be easily adaptable.

Mutable signs are born at the end of seasons, so change comes very naturally to them.

The fire element is formless and always oscillating, again, causing innate adaptability.

Sagittarius’ pliancy is admirable to more set-in-their-ways zodiac signs.

Sagittarius is not only intellectually smart but life smart because of their quick thinking and flexibility.

5. Sagittarius is honest.

Sagittarius does not beat around the bush, they see no use in wasting time with mind games or passive aggression.

Their fire element makes Sagittarius direct, so they face life head-on and are unafraid to speak their minds.

Sagittarius does not mind rocking the boat because they know that the ultimate truth comes from individuals’ honesty.

Their strong emphasis on truth and answers in life causes them to apply these grand ideas in smaller ways like never telling a lie.

This attitude can jostle other zodiac signs at times, but those others also admire Sagittarius’ candor.