What 2021 Taught Every Zodiac Sign

What 2021 Taught Every Zodiac Sign


What 2021 taught you: The importance of setting long-term goals rather than living in the moment

What’s ahead in 2022: Working with a fantastic group of people


What 2021 taught you: How to be daring, spontaneous, and independent

What’s ahead in 2022: Taking your leadership and career to new heights


What 2021 taught you: How to be open and intimate with yourself in order to strengthen your bond.

What’s ahead in 2022: Major personal growth with a chance to share your ideas with a global audience; possible relocation


What 2021 taught you: How to love people without having to manipulate them and how to allow yourself to be helped.

What’s ahead in 2022: Going “all in” with people who excite and inspire you; long-term investing


What 2021 taught you: Joy through simplicity and mindfulness, healthy habits and boundaries

What’s ahead in 2022: Reconnection to beauty, art, and innovation, as well as fulfilling partnerships


What 2021 taught you: How to be passionate, chaotic, and heart-centered in your leadership.

What’s ahead in 2022: Creating a solid foundation of healthy habits and meaningful work


What 2021 taught you: The pleasures of nesting, strengthening ties with your closest friends and family

What’s ahead in 2022: Awakening both creatively and romantically


What 2021 taught you: How to embrace change and experiment, communication skills

What’s ahead in 2022: Putting down roots, home buying, family expansion or changes under your roof


What 2021 taught you: Working smarter, not harder, and maintaining discipline leads to increased productivity.

What’s ahead in 2022: New mates, profitable alliances, and media opportunities


What 2021 taught you: You are a badass because of your inner strength and endurance.

What’s ahead in 2022: A simplified schedule, new routines and revenue streams


What 2021 taught you: Honoring your emotions, putting your confidence in the world, and letting go

What’s ahead in 2022: Renewing one's life and recharging one's batteries


What 2021 taught you: The pleasures of connecting with a soul group

What’s ahead in 2022: Spiritual and artistic exploration, sharpening your psychic powers