Weekly Cafe Horoscope for Nov 7 - 14 Prediction for Astrological Signs for Next Week

Weekly Cafe Horoscope for Nov 7 - 14 Prediction for Astrological Signs for Next Week


This week will bring positive and bad news on the business front. Businessmen can not see the realization of any efforts, but may find some reasons to be satisfied. Graduating students may not be able to memorize their portions. In order to earn money, post-graduation students can look for a part-time job. On the financial front, this week brings positive news. There may not be a huge cost, and you may be able to save money in the future. Single people may feel their partners' pressure to get married. Any unforgettable moments you can spend with your family. You need to be vigilant on the health front. Watch the blood sugar level if you are diabetic.

A individual you have had a meaningful relationship with can give you good advice for career advancement. Work-based stress can affect your health during this period. To refresh your psyche, you may need to cultivate some creative capacity.



On the financial front, as the law will finally catch up with you, beware of making money by immoral means. Salaried people will be able to concentrate on the job at hand. Businessmen might be frightened by rigid competition. Students attending graduation can face challenges, and good progress could be made by students doing their post-graduation. Couples could argue and the partnership could end. On the family front, you may be busy. Beware of any serious health concerns, since the planets are not in your favour. Diabetics would do well to stay away from any sort of sugar intake. You may need to limit your expenditure on impulses. During this time, you might be able to easily handle routine and incidental expenses.

In order to match the market, businessmen need to avoid making compromises on the quality of products they supply.



Competition might keep businessmen nervous, even though by the weekend they could feel satisfied. They could get a big customer to get some huge repeat orders. Salaried people may be insecure. Post-graduation students shouldn't lose their temper. They would be able to concentrate and memorize things easier if they control their emotions. Planetary trends require that you carefully monitor financial matters. Don't impulsively and unnecessarily waste money. Singles will enter into a romantic relationship with someone in the same area who lives there. However, as there might be some family-related problems, it would be prudent to remain alert about the same. You need to look out on the health front.

To keep any health problems at bay, work out regularly. Even in the long term, falling into a habit like that would help you. Trying meditation will help to maintain a peace of mind as well.



Businessmen can be prepared for some intense competition. You may be in luck, though, as you get to sign a great deal. Short term travel is on the cards and can deliver outcomes. In order to increase their performance, career individuals can do well. Students seeking graduation can find their learning prowess sluggish on the academic front. Therefore, students will not advance as they wish. Post-graduation students may be in a tight spot coping with tough circumstances.

This week's success for them is difficult. You might conceptualize a strategy to improve your income when it comes to finances. At the same time, for untoward expenditures, keep some money aside. Your financial situation, overall, might be good.

Even if it takes time, singles may be able to get the attention of the opposite gender, and a love relationship could bloom. Things will be under control on the health sector.



Students who are seeking graduation may have planetary support. Students can do well to remain focused and not get distracted from their studies. As Mercury is currently in retrograde mode, suggesting some confusion, businessmen would do well to maintain their calm and patience. To keep their hopes alive, businessmen could execute small deals. Salaried folks will work efficiently. refrain from taking chances on the financial front. On the domestic front, there might be some expenditures.

Midweek may be a good time to try to build a lasting relationship with a member of the opposite gender for singles. Married folks could enjoy happiness.

In this step, there are no relationship issues. On the health front, beware of minor complications that might occur. It may contribute to complications if untreated. Middle-aged people may do well to keep an eye on their health.



Singles are likely to meet and embark on a beautiful journey with someone extraordinary. Things may be rough on the marriage front. Entrepreneurs. Get set, because according to planetary movements, you will rekindle relations with old customers. In the middle of the week, you can also hit some mid-size sales. Salaried individuals may feel slightly insecure about their positions.

For students pursuing graduation, favorable planetary motions mean that the latter will be able to learn and memorize ideas well. An inflow of funds during this process is suggested by favorable planetary movements. While there may be no substantial cost, keep money aside for your family and some small home repairs. During this process, family time can be fun. Joint and muscle pain on the health front could torment middle-aged people. Beware of injuries to the upper-body. By running, try to keep your health levels up.


During this process, the Sun rules Scorpio, which means a good time for businessmen who might make progress. However, press forward with some prospects of advancement. Don't waste money either on growth or expansion. You might be unhappy at work, and this may affect your performance. Students who graduate can run into adverse circumstances.

They may not be able to make time for learning. Planetary developments on the financial front suggest that you might need to increase your efforts to increase your profits. Try not to waste money on luxuries, since you are discouraged from saving money for future needs by overspending. Married folks, despite a few obstacles, can enjoy it. The Sun moving through Scorpio on the health front can mean you might be in the best form ever. Be vigilant of accidental accidents, however.

In order to be in good health, try to workout in the morning.



This time could create agitation for students, slowing their academic progress. To prevent distractions, post-graduate students might do well. Individuals can face challenges on the business front and would do well to refrain from taking any undue risks to boost sales. During the weekend, businessmen can be willing to negotiate a lucrative mid-size contract. To perform efficiently at work, salaried folks need to fend off distractions.

On the financial front, the sum of money could be a marginal inflow. Don't just splurge to show off in your social circle. The absence of any costs ensures that you can save money for the future. There could be trouble in paradise on the relationship front. Couples can need to solve problems if they occur. Beware of viral infections on the health front.

To remain fresh during the day, try working out in the morning.



On the health front, when it comes to nagging health concerns, middle-aged and older people can need to look out. Doing some morning physical exercises could help. During this process, businessmen may face barriers to moving sales. They need to overcome these problems and go for their target of rising revenue.

Businessmen can also enter into an arrangement with a wealthy client, thereby raising their spirits. Salaried individuals can perform well, thereby increasing their production. Graduate students can not pay much attention to their studies on the education front and thus hamper them. Planetary motions, with an increased flow of revenue, suggest a comfortable financial role. While there could be some domestic expenses.

Singles can fall in love with a coworker and initiate a blossoming romantic relationship. It can be simple for married folks, though families can enjoy relaxed times.



Businessmen may, according to planetary motions, have to take precautions when traveling to meet potential customers. Midweek, however, things could look up for them, as they may have an opportunity to join up with a foreign business.

To finalize this tie-up, businessmen could go abroad. Work stress can be present for day-jobbers, forcing them to work for longer hours. Students studying science or IT related subjects in graduation on the educational front will do well to effectively memorize their lessons. Only then will they make some headway. Post-graduation students can remain attentive and make progress. Planetary changes suggest problems on the financial front. To gain money, don't take undue risks. When you buy, exercise patience and caution.

For future needs, try saving money. On the relationship front, because of some misunderstandings, couples can face some trouble. Married individuals will experience life to the fullest.



Businessmen will face obstacles, and to make any progress, they will need to face them. Salaried workers can get a new job opportunity that will pay them more and have better prospects for growth. For students, some minor family problems that could distract them from their studies might occur. Post-graduate students could be helped by their teachers.

You shouldn't treat money impulsively when it comes to finance and money. Perhaps the weekend would offer you some financial benefit. During this time, there could be no major expenses for you. Any pressure to get married may be faced by singles. Any difficulty may be faced by couples in relationships. Family-related problems may create discomfort for you. Be very careful of your health on the health front, especially your throat. To stop any more health problems, see a physician in case of any abnormalities.

Maintaining a healthy diet and even exercising to keep fit would be wise.

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