Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Sagittarius

Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Sagittarius

Are you compatible with these free spirits?

#Sagittarius are the stars of the zodiac! Don’t believe me? Famous Sagittarians include Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg, and Sia. No one would ever call these people slackers.

But in terms of zodiac compatibility, using astrology as a guide is a great way to determine #Sagittarius compatibility and if whether your zodiac sign has a chance with this fiery Archer.

In order to know who is the most compatible, you first need to understand some things about the #Sagittarius personality.

They can’t sit still for too long. The only time they’re not doing something is because they’ve already exhausted themselves by being constantly on the go. They don’t have an overly long attention span, and they crave new experiences and stimuli all the time.

The #Sagittarius zodiac sign has a very active social life, especially since they like people, and people like them. They don’t enjoy long periods of isolation and will purposely schedule a day filled with activities and social engagements so they don’t have to spend too much time alone.

Other #Sagittarius traits include being spontaneous, impulsive, and it’s not unlike them to make a split-second decision and completely change their plans. They’re flexible and they like to keep their options open — no over-planning for them!

Sagittarians are optimistic, outspoken, and will get angry with you if you don’t ask them enough questions about themselves. They’re charming, charismatic, flirtatious, and independent. While #Sagittarius can also be somewhat self-absorbed, they’re so captivating that they’re difficult to resist.

#Sagittarius & #Aries

#Sagittarius and #Aries get along like a house on fire! They're both impulsive, adventuresome, and love new challenges.

Both #Sagittarius and #Aries want to experience things for themselves, not just read about them and imagine what they'd be like. They both love to have fun, are active, and the two of them together have incredible sexual chemistry. There's no room for boredom in a #Sagittarius/#Aries relationship.

Neither sign is overly sensitive because both have moments where they feel compelled to tell it like it is, even when their truth is harsh. Both signs are genuinely optimistic and excited about what each day will bring.

The downside to this pairing is how accident-prone the two of them are together — with #Aries rushing around and #Sagittarius paying attention to everything except what's right in front of them. Luckily, they have the same kind of positive energy about them and a ton of things in common, so their relationship has the potential to be incredible.

#Sagittarius & #Taurus

There's no middle ground with #Sagittarius and #Taurus — they're either intensely attracted to each other, or have no attraction whatsoever.

This dichotomy is due to the fact that they couldn't be more different. #Sagittarius loves action, adventure, and trying new things while #Taurus prefers the comfort and safety of home.

Both of them tend to come at life from two different directions so that even when they meet in the middle, there's conflict and tension. #Sagittarius may not take #Taurus' sensitivity seriously and say things to #Taurus that make them feel attacked. #Taurus won't understand why #Sagittarius can sit down and relax for a minute, and #Sagittarius won't get why feelings of peace and harmony are so vital to #Taurus.

It would take #Taurus a long time to trust #Sagittarius, and by then, #Sagittarius would be bored and long gone.

#Sagittarius & #Gemini

You'd think these two would get along better than they actually do. They're both very social and good at conversation, but somehow they don't seem to be talking on the same level. Maybe they feel competitive with each other as both are used to being the "fun one."

Neither sign is the most practical, reliable, or steady which can lead to some definite problems in a relationship. #Sagittarius and #Gemini love passionately and for a time their relationship is electric, but that passion tends to burn out and these two signs tend not to have the abilities or talents to build their relationship back up from scratch.

They make much better friends than lovers.

#Sagittarius & #Cancer

Zodiac compatibility between #Sagittarius and #Cancer is tricky, and it's difficult to find common ground.

#Sagittarius are independent and freedom-seeking, whereas Cancers need security and tenderness. Sagittarians can be blunt and impatient, and those qualities don't go well with #Cancer's sensitivity and need for emotional support.

#Sagittarius may not even know the first thing about how to handle one of #Cancer's more emotional moments and may just prefer not to be involved with any drama. This would not go over well with #Cancer, who expects the same level of caring that they give to their partners. The more #Sagittarius isn't there for #Cancer, the more annoyed and ultimately angry #Cancer will get.

They are sexually compatible, so perhaps a summer fling or a one-night stand might work.

#Sagittarius & #Leo

As long as #Leo isn't too controlling, #Sagittarius and #Leo are quite compatible, but if #Leo starts to feel that #Sagittarius isn't giving them enough attention, there could be problems.

Both signs are dynamic, social, and adventurous. They have matching views on how fun and entertaining both love and life can be, and that sense of delight can sometimes be enough for them to enjoy spending time together.

#Sagittarius and #Leo are extremely compatible in the bedroom as they have the same sexual appetites. But #Sagittarius likes to be free and doesn't like to stick to the plan and this could frustrate #Leo.

#Sagittarius wants to be able to enjoy the moment without worrying about the future, but #Leo doesn't want to waste time on a relationship that has no future.

#Sagittarius & #Virgo

#Sagittarius and #Virgo admire and respect each other, but it's hard for them to find common ground.

Virgos need things to be in order, and are highly aware of when anything (including their appearance) isn't top notch. #Sagittarius individuals are much more casual and generally don't have the time or the inclination to strive for perfection.

Sagittarians tend to see Virgos as overly sensitive tight-wads and wishes they'd just relax for a moment. #Virgo doesn't understand why #Sagittarius can't be a little more serious and take more care with things and people.

When traveling, #Sagittarius' love to impulsively go off schedule, whereas #Virgo follows their itinerary to the letter.

#Sagittarius & #Libra

#Sagittarius and #Libra make fast friends and long-time partners.

They both share great senses of humor and the laughter never stops when they're together. They enjoy traveling together, experiencing new things, and generally not taking things too seriously. They have a chemistry that works for both of them.

Sometimes #Libra needs a bit of a push to go outside their comfort zone, and #Sagittarius is the one to do it. They both are generous, smart, and fun-loving. #Libra's indecision can work #Sagittarius' nerves, as they can be impatient, and sometimes #Sagittarius' brutal honesty is a little much for #Libra.

But most of the time, they get along well.

#Sagittarius & #Scorpio

Let us be blunt: as long as #Sagittarius and #Scorpio are having sex, they'll get along just fine. If not, they may not be compatible enough to overlook each other's quirks.

Besides sex, both signs are big fans of honesty. #Scorpio demands it, and #Sagittarius sometimes has no control over it; if they need to do a little truthing, they're going to do it.

But #Scorpio may be a little too intense for #Sagittarius, and #Sagittarius may feel suffocated by #Scorpio's need to lock down their relationship. #Sagittarius needs to be free and feel as if they're not tied down, whereas #Scorpio needs a commitment. #Sagittarius' constant flirting may make #Scorpio overly jealous and no one wants that.

It doesn't matter if charming #Sagittarius meant nothing by flirting with their waiter, it could be enough to infuriate #Scorpio to take drastic actions.

#Sagittarius & #Sagittarius

You'd think that a #Sagittarius and a #Sagittarius would be a match made in heaven, but that's not the case.

Most Sagittarians find that a partner who is just like them is boring. #Sagittarius tend to be somewhat self-absorbed and it doesn't work if both partners put themselves first at the top of the list.

There's no one to be the responsible party in a Sag/Sag pairing. The first sign of trouble, AND both parties are going to take off in two separate directions and that will be the end of that.

No matter how much they may have in common, it's probably best if the two #Sagittarius just wave at each other from afar.

#Sagittarius & #Capricorn

No, #Sagittarius and #Capricorn aren't especially compatible.

They can envy the other for having qualities that they themselves don't possess, but the two together don't work. #Capricorn is all about having a strong financial foundation and putting down roots. #Sagittarius are about seeing the world and having the ability to pack up their stuff and be nomads if they want.

If a #Sagittarius and #Capricorn are together, at some point, #Sagittarius' irresponsibility will wear on #Capricorn. #Capricorn will feel that they're doing all the work in the relationship and #Sagittarius is doing nothing but making them laugh.

These two signs might make great family members or friends of friends — anything where they're not too dependent on each other.

#Sagittarius & #Aquarius

#Sagittarius and #Aquarius are quite compatible; they work as friends and partners.

Both are intelligent, independent, and creative. Together they love to discuss ideas and philosophy, or even more low-brow things like Westworld and Game of Thrones. A #Sagittarius and #Aquarius pairing makes for an excellent partnership.

#Aquarius is able to carry out #Sagittarius' ideas, and #Aquarius benefits from #Sagittarius' enthusiasm for life. #Sagittarius can help get #Aquarius out of their head and encourages them to expand their world and their thinking.

When #Sagittarius is blunt, #Aquarius doesn't take it personally and just appreciates #Sagittarius' honesty.

#Sagittarius & #Pisces

Yeah, these two aren't that compatible.

It almost sounds like a plot of a sitcom — what happens when the most insensitive sign of the Zodiac pairs up with the most insensitive one? Turn in and see how #Sagittarius inadvertently hurts #Pisces repeatedly.

While #Sagittarius is blown away by how kind and imaginative #Pisces is, they don't always treat them with the compassion and care that #Pisces needs. #Pisces is more likely to experience the world of their imagination than the real world that #Sagittarius is so fond of. #Sagittarius is more optimistic, and #Pisces leans toward a more pessimistic view of the world.

If these two met at a party, they'd enjoy talking to each other and might even be attracted to one another, but ultimately, they're not going to be beneficial to each other in the long run.