Horoscope predictions for all the zodiac signs 2020

Horoscope predictions for all the zodiac signs 2020


You have to focus on giving yourself a break this year.

Aries, you are very impatient and driven, naturally.

It's just a game in your life, and a competition you are going to win.

So this year, taking moments to give yourself a break, both mentally and physically, is crucial for you.

Forgive yourself for not being where at this stage you thought you want to be.

Take your shoes off, put your sweats on, and just relax.

It is necessary for everyone to take some time for a little self-care, rest and relaxation, but you may need to remind yourself to add it to your routine.


You seem to struggle with transition, Taurus.

You want things done your way and the idea of "a fast shift in plans" is not always entertained by you.

Quick going, it's not you.

It 's important for you this year to embrace the change that's going to come your way.

Try to go a little bit more with the breeze, and open yourself to new ideas.


Gemini, in large groups, you seem to excel.

Naturally, you are indecisive and you find in other individuals your warmth and sense of security.

Encourage yourself to spend some more alone time in 2020.

Go out on your own to eat, teach yourself to drive without music in the car, start journaling!

By taking the time to get to know who you are, you can fix a lot of your indecisiveness.

Take 2020 to make yourself known.


Cancer, you've got a reputation for being a pessimist.

You appear to be a half-empty glass sort of guy.

In fact, you might even be half an empty glass drinking half a person's kind of drink.

You should aim for a little bit more hope and a little less skepticism in 2020.

Stop looking over your shoulder endlessly and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Take 2020 to know your life's positive stuff and the good people in your life.

Recognize the ones who value you and love you all around you.


Everybody knows that Leos is the show's star.

When a Leo enters a room, everyone will notice it.

You should want to transfer the focus to individuals or groups that need it in 2020.

2020 ought to be your big charity year.

Host fundraisers, donate stuff that you don't need or use, give your time voluntarily!

Leo, you may sometimes have selfish impulses, but putting others in need ahead of you would do them some good.

You will also lend yourself to your cause with your skills to gain attention and forces of persuasion.


You are a perfectionist, Virgo.

In order to be just right, you want everything you do and you want to make it look simple.

You're very critical of others, but you're critical of yourself even more.

In 2020, when you need it, you can focus on recognizing your shortcomings and learning to ask for support.

When you feel powerless, you should be proud.

You like to believe that whatever the issue is, if you just think hard enough, you can find a way out of it.

It will open up a whole new mentality to embrace yourself as you are, fault and all by learning to ask for support.


You're very non-confrontational, Libra.

You don't want to stir the pot or get yourself under the skin of someone.

In order to preserve harmony, you will also sacrifice your own needs.

It might be time for you to disrupt the structure in 2020.

Avoid making individuals walk all over you.

Learn to make use of your voice to make it heard by others.

You're strong enough to make some waves, and you deserve to surrender the strength.


You may be the Sherlock Holmes of the zodiac map, Scorpio. You still assume that there is a mystery to solve or a mistake you need to sniff out.

This can also leave them all the time feeling anxious and on edge, unable to trust the people around them.

The year you are seeking to break the loop should be 2020. Avoid checking for issues. In your life, you deserve love. You deserve the success you have.

You deserve to have happiness. Don't let your disbelief in your blessings cause you to call them into question. In your life, appreciate positive stuff.


You appear to be very blunt, Sagittarius. All the time, you say whatever is on your mind.

This can be a refreshing change of pace sometimes, but it can be hurtful a lot of times.

It can scare away people, leaving all of you alone. You prefer to commit more than you can deliver, too.

You want to be able to fulfill the things you declare, but before you agree, you don't always put enough thought into your commitments.

It is important for you to think before you talk in 2020.

All you have to do is take a beat, maybe two seconds, and make sure you know what you're doing, and you know the weight of your words.


You seem to be very stubborn, Capricorn.

You still think you're right and hope that others will share that hypothesis.

For this year, relaxing and giving yourself the luxury of being wrong from time to time is crucial for you.

Let the lead be taken by someone else.

Take this year to understand and encourage yourself to be sufficiently safe in your own intellect, to admit where it may falter.


Aquarius, you're just enjoying your time alone.

In order to stop doing exactly that, you don't like talking about your emotions and instead take big strides.

Try to be more transparent with the people who are close to you this year.

It's important for the people around you to know you're looking after them.

It will open up a deeper level of trust between you and those you care for by letting yourself be vulnerable.


You generally hate to be mocked, Pisces.

If people point out your missteps and errors, you don't like it.

However, it is an important part of our development to embrace and consider our shortcomings.

In 2020, acknowledging your insecurities and focusing on allowing others to help them grow and develop will be good for you.