Cryptocurrency Related to Your Zodiac Sign

Cryptocurrency Related to Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has heard about cryptocurrency. You might have too & if you haven’t, then.. have you been living under a rock? We believe cryptocurrencies and our daily horoscope has a lot more in common than we think! Sounds weird, right? But it’s true.

Attention all the zodiac lovers! We have got something fun for you!

Do you want to know which cryptocurrency are you? Read to find out all about it.


Aquarius people are quite original, rebellious and open-minded. No wonder all of you succeed everywhere you go.

Ethereum is your cryptocurrency. It was launched as an alternative to Bitcoin. Just like you, always finding your way everywhere you go. Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in existence, it is also called ‘the face of blockchain’.

Just like an Aquarius, Ethereum is unique as it is also a platform for decentralized apps.

We have found you a perfect match!


Pisces are known for their creativity, sensitivity, and compassion. They get along with everybody and are really kind beings, this is why they are the perfect team members. Bitcoin Cash is your cryptocurency! You can call it the son of Bitcoin! Multiple compassionate independent team of developers, developed Bitcoin. This is why it’s the right choice for you!


Aries are enthusiastic and courageous people who just love taking chances. They bring excitement in your life and make your life more happening, just like the cryptocurrency Dash. Dash is a digital currency. But, there are all these other benefits such as lower fees, faster transactions and anonymous technology.

Aries and Dash are actually quite similar. They both attract people with their straightforwardness and independence.


Taurus people are practical, smart  and creative. Cardano cryptocurrency is the best one for you! It is considered one of the most reliable coin in the worlds, just like you. It is a smart contract-capable blockchain focused mainly on security.


Gemini people are intellectual and mysterious. IOTA coin is your soulmate. IOTA is led by four talented intellectuals. Just like a Gemini, the coin also differs from coins in the crypto-world because it does not uses the blockchain technology. It uses another network called Tangle. Always unique, huh? The benefits of using Tangle are speedy transactions and secure data transfers.


Cancer’s are always empathetic, understanding and protective over other people. They have the power to heal you, just like TRON. TRON has the power to heal the internet. How? TRON allows you to create and post content as you like, without any restrictions. It’s attempting to take the internet back from companies by constructing a free content entertainment system.


Leos are known for being self-made, outgoing and goal oriented. They are the king of all the zodiacs. So, the completely obvious choice is Bitcoin. The king of all cryptocurrenices! It became the first decentralized digital currency. Undoubtedly it’s has become symbol of crypto and digital gold.


Reliable, self-contained, and logical describes Virgos perfectly. They know how to deal with money, which makes them even better in banking. Ripple is your cryptocurrency as it strongly focuses on the banking market. It increases the speed of financial transactions and the coin is super focused on international banking.


Social, creative, intelligent and always maintaining their status quo. Who could do this better than Libras? Litecoin is known to be a digital silver of the crypto, as it is the lighter version of Bitcoin, it’s the most suitable for Libra’s. The main purpose of Litecoin is to process the small transactions we make daily. But, with lower costs. Also they are much more faster than the rest! Just like all the Libras out there.


People born under this sign are passionate, magnetic, challenging and secretive. Monero possesses a number of qualities specific to the Scorpio sign as well. The coin is useful for anyone wishing to conceal their purchases from anyone. Well, almost.


Sagittarius are the best pals you could ever have. They are adventurous, generous and will make you laugh till you cry. Dogecoin is your cryptocurrency. The coin was inspired by the popular Shiba Inu Dog meme, the crypto world went crazy. Sounds realistic because we know you love memes.


Highly ambitious, workaholics and high achievers.The NEO cryptocurrency is your soulmate. Unlike any other coin, it focuses on digital identities. The transactions are traceable to achieve mainstream adoption by the business and government. Sounds just like something a Capricorn would do!

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