Compatibility with Aquarius: Which Sign Is the Better Match?

Compatibility with Aquarius: Which Sign Is the Better Match?

Aquarius is the eccentric of the zodiac. They buck convention, have quirky interests, and enjoy having a wide variety of friends that are up for analytical conversations and down for heated political debates.

But who are these nonconformists compatible with? We'll answer all of your questions about Aquarians' compatibility with the other signs of the zodiac by:

The quirky zodiac is Aquarius. They have quirky tastes, buck tradition, and enjoy having a wide range of friends who are up for analytical discussions and down for lively political debates. But who is consistent with these nonconformists? All your questions regarding the compatibility of Aquarians with the other zodiac signs will be answered by:


  • Describing the core traits of the Aquarius star sign
  • Explaining the character traits that make an Aquarius' best match and worst match
  • Ranking Aquarius compatible signs from most to least compatible
  • Offering three key takeaways for Aquarians in love.



Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus (born January 21-February 19), which is known for bringing chaos and transition. This tumultuous energy is reflected by the Zodiac Aquarians: they are unorthodox, individualistic, introspective and idealistic.

Aquarians are fond of seeing and being seen, and they are generally in the center of things and making waves as an air symbol.

Aquarius ebbs and flows through life in search of new people and experiences, symbolised by the Water Bearer.

Aquarians are well known for getting to know everyone. Aquarians interact with individuals from all walks of life seamlessly, and they typically see these relationships as rich opportunities to gain a new outlook on life or an opportunity to support someone in need.

The capacity of an Aquarius to establish relationships with individuals, along with their inherent curiosity, also suggests that they are considered eccentric.


What Makes a Good Match for Aquarius?

There are a few traits that Aquarius compatible signs (and people!) are likely to possess. We'll describe these five traits and why they match up well with Aquarius' personality type below.

Trait 1: Hospitality

For people who are as hospitable as they are, Aquarians want to be friends. For Aquarius, a successful partner would have to be able to share and remain open-minded — Aquarius doesn't discriminate over who's allowed their home and heart to join. Tons of acquaintances (or "best friends," as an Aquarius would say) frequently surround Aquarians, and they are generous with their time, affection, and even money. So, if you want to have a close friendship with an Aquarius, that aspect of their personality would need to be embraced and supported, too.

Trait 2: A Good Sense of Humor

An Aquarius likes keeping things lighthearted. In life, their partners must be able to see the light and fight the temptation to take themselves too seriously.

An Aquarius has little time or patience in the mud for a stick! A strong sense of humour is also a symbol of cleverness for an Aquarius — another attribute that this star sign considers attractive.

Since Aquarians appear to be a little kooky, it is a good sign that you are vibrating at the same intellectual frequency to feel a genuine bond with the sense of humor of Aquarius.

Trait 3: Eclectic Interests

It's funky the aquarians. They are constantly, as notorious nomads, in search of new ways of seeing the world. An Aquarius would be immediately desirable to a friend or partner who seeks out and appreciates the unknown.

It will help you forge a deep bond by sharing similar eclectic interests with an Aquarius, and it also means you will never get bored with each other!

Trait 4: Complexity

Aquarius, also in lust, likes a challenge. Aquarius would feel compelled to unravel the complexities of his partner when partnered with a partner who is mentally and emotionally complex. A endlessly analytical Aquarius delights in breaking codes and solving puzzles, so Aquarius will remain fascinated by a love interest that carries layers of mystery.

Here, of course, there are lines. For example , when people deny their interest or "close up" when Aquarians try to understand them better,

Aquarians do not like it. But this star sign, in general, needs to be around complicated individuals whose ambitions, professions, and excitement mean they're full of surprises.


Trait 5: Independence

It's also important to be independent if you want to hang out with an Aquarius. Aquarians are strongly autonomous themselves, avoiding being weighed down by the social or moral inhibitions of a mate. Aquarius also has little time for coddling: a companion who doesn't want to go out but doesn't want to be left alone at home will make Aquarius feel suffocated. Send Aquarius a partner who doesn't mind going on their own adventures or chasing their passions, and they'll be over the moon (like social justice or rare coin collection).


What Makes a Bad Match for Aquarius?

Since Aquarians are so distinctive and unique, their partners can be very picky about them. Here are five characteristics that for an Aquarius are major turn-offs.


Trait 1: Snobbishness\

An Aquarius is not picky about whom they are friends. An Aquarius does not care about social standing and appearances, so a partner who turns their nose up at others would strike Aquarius as cruel and judgmental.

In fact, a turn-off for this star sign is any sort of snobbishness. With Aquarius, open-mindedness and acceptance won the day. In Aquarius 's sprawling, diverse circle of friends, romantic interests that demonstrate resistance to either will not last long.


Trait 2: Stoicism

While Aquarians are the zodiac 's social butterflies, they fail to reveal their feelings and share with people their innermost feelings — even family members and longtime friends.

Because of that, when they're in romantic relationships with someone who also play their cards close to the chest, they don't do well. In their lives, an Aquarius needs transparent, frank, insecure individuals so they can be their best selves.

If not, the relationships of an Aquarius stay shallow and lack the depth they need to be fulfilled. The big thing to remember about that? An Aquarius must be with someone who can go deep and also coax them into going deeper.


Trait 3: Nosiness

Although when it comes to emotional intimacy, Aquarius also needs hand holding, they draw the line at invasiveness or nosiness. A partner who continually butts into the business of an Aquarius — questioning them where they've been, who they're hanging with, or when they're going home — will irritate an autonomous, free-spirited Aquarius.

It is possible that a nosy partner would be greeted with a cold response from this star sign. An Aquarius won't understand why they want to hear so much from their friends and partners about what they're doing and where they've been. (Remember how we said they were autonomous of the Aquarians? We meant it!)

Ultimately, nosiness is an indicator of a lack of faith in Aquarians. You will need to give them a long leash if you're in a friendship or relationship with an Aquarius.


Trait 4: Inflexibility

With Aquarius, most morals are up for discussion. Every meaning, idea, and belief they are pleased to address! That's why Aquarius won't jive with a partner who blindly follows a strict set of morals or rules.

There is always the possibility of a more equalizing, inclusive, fair way in the eyes of Aquarius. For Aquarius compatibility, the chance of developing and changing in one's moral framework is essential. If you're a traditionalist or your ways are stuck, maybe an Aquarius isn't a suitable partner for you.


Trait 5: Possessiveness

All of these are habits that would send an Aquarius running for the hills: obsessing, nitpicking, clinging, handwringing. All types of possessiveness are a turn off to an Aquarius who, in any sort of relationship, needs plenty of space to roam free.

That is not to suggest that they are unfaithful or not committed to the Aquarians. This isn't real! But an Aquarian needs space to breathe, whether it's time to hang out without you with new friends or go to relax on the occasional solo adventure.

While it may be tempting to respond to the inclination of an Aquarius to wander by tightening your hold, resist the urge: the more freedom you offer an Aquarius, the more loyal they feel.