Dream Interpretations Dictionary - car

Dream Interpretations Dictionary - car

Dreaming of a car


According to Miller

If you dream that you are going by car, it means that you are an active person and you have success in business. If you follow a car accident in a dream, do not expect good impressions from the planned fun in reality. If you avoid a car accident in a dream - it is a good sign: in reality you will really be able to avoid confrontation with the opponent. If you buy a car in a dream - you will be able to return to the previous good condition, but selling a car means unpleasant upheavals in life. If you drive a car - it is a sign of loss and illness. If you get thrown out of the car - you will hear unpleasant news. If you dream of a wrecked car - it is a sign of failure. Just seeing the car - a sign of change in life, travel, a pleasant journey. If you dream that your car has disappeared or been hijacked - it means that your plan, on which the future depends. If you get out of the car - you will implement the plans successfully and you will be satisfied.

View of the machine-machine

According to Miller

To see cars and machines in a dream indicates that you are carrying out a project that will excite you, but will ultimately prove useful. If you are dreaming of an old machine, it is a sign that there are obstacles to improving your own well-being. If you have a working machine - it is a sign of loss and the beginning of trouble in business. In general, this dream indicates a loss due to unsuccessful transactions. Seeing a mechanism working in a dream means serious difficulties in new ventures, but it also means support from friends. If you dream of a fire truck - a sign of nervousness, which will be caused by an emergency. If a young woman dreams that she is driving a fire truck - she should be careful and avoid unpleasant things.

What does a car mean in a dream

According to Tsvetkov

If you drive it yourself and you are happy - it means misfortune, poverty, worry; You will have failures and troubles in personal matters. Walking here and there - court case, receiving official letters, documents; If you park the car - it means breaking off the relationship; Collision, accident - return of the lost;  (For a woman) car - might be an admirer; Wheel (if blown) - means distance or divorce; If you travel by car - it's a relationship and a marriage; If you are in a car - personal life

View the truck

According to Tsvetkov

Delays in receiving funds mean loss, strange connection

See steering wheel

According to Miller

If you see a wheel in a dream - it is a sign that an entertaining journey and a new encounter await you in distant lands. A broken wheel indicates frustration and illness.

View traffic

According to Lof

Traffic movement - a rather impressive kind of dream. If in reality it is necessary to travel or travel, this may explain the meaning of the dream. The movement of transport in a dream is important because it indicates exactly how it is possible to achieve goals in life. Such a dream may mean that you need to show more patience, purposefulness or creative skills to achieve the goal. A traffic dream can also mean your real day when you are in a traffic jam and you have problems or you can not attend a major meeting and it puts you to sleep.

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