Dark side of Aquarius

Dark side of Aquarius

Aquarius Can Be Detached

The Sun is still in harmony with its opposite earth symbol in a balanced human. The warmth and vitality of Leo vanish as Aquarius splits from its other limb. Leo is a central personality that radiates the actual self's warm glow. Aquarius must be remote, cold, and detached without Leo. Set observations of air, but cannot communicate with other observations. This form looks from a godly overview on worldly affairs.


Aquarius Can Be Cold and Rigid

There is a surprising lack of emotion in the 'dark' aquariums. They will take advantage, embrace and use dynamic systems of concepts to a differing degree, and improve an illusory vision of the universe. They can become robotic and formular by missing a central self-presence in order to illuminate and energize their human. This side of Aquarius can be seen in the ancient law of Saturn.


Aquarius Anger

If an aquarium gets mad, it gets upset but manages to stay detached and to avoid the human entirely. They may however, become wild and uneasy to the point of blooming. This is where you can say negative words to become verbally dangerous.


Not All Aquarians

Many born under this sign are kind and good people though they are very misanthropical and inclined to excenterism. One Aquarius may be the party's lighthearted life while the other is a domestic introvert with extremist views. The maps of Natal are complicated. They define multiple ruling energies and their intersection. Unfavorable planetary aspects may cloud positive energy or cause an uncomplimentary sign to overlap. Each aquarium has various effects on childhood trauma and emotional causes. Uniqueness, after all is a distinguishing attribute of this intriguing symbol.


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