Your Zodiac sign was told that you would assess your immunity to COVID-19!

Your Zodiac sign was told that you would assess your immunity to COVID-19!

Aries: Really you're going to be all right. Get some broth, light a little burning incense, stay home.

Taurus: You probably get messed with your bull, just like your symbol. When you got the sketchy handle of the door, remember? You got the horns, okay.

Gemini: the double mark. Take your sibling, your other important or your favorite colleague's look. You can feel the sniffles if you're sick. This is not because you're linked cosmically... you just picked it up on them.

The...Self-explanatory form of cancer. Oh, sad.

Leo: the King of the Forest, which hasn't changed one of the few locations on earth. You are all fine! You are all good!

Virgo: like the namesake, you are unable to contact anyone too often. You're all right, too.

Scales: the powder. The sign of equilibrium...Fly a coin, it really is 50/50 for you...What am I, mental?

Scorpio: When the animal advises others to keep their tails down, so do you too. My sympathy.

Sagittarius: The Centaurus was thought to live in the Mediterranean forests. And if you want to remain safe, your best place is the forest. Your life should be the ermitage for about a month.

Capricorns: Capricorns... Good luck. Good luggage.

Aquarius: The pure symbol supports the immunity. Why don't you get some good Karma and join the food community?

Pisces: As far as we know, fish can’t get the virus. So stick to your sign for food sources. No biggie, I know at least 3 Pescatarian and they seem…happy.

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