Why it is difficult to achieve happiness in the life of a smart person All Zodiac sings

Why it is difficult to achieve happiness in the life of a smart person All Zodiac sings

1. Smart people have very high standards

Having standards - not bad at all. This will help you not to deviate from the path to happiness and success. However, too high standards can be a big problem. Clever people usually know what they want out of life and refuse to be satisfied with less. At the same time, their high standards apply to all areas of life: work, relationships, goals. In fact, meeting such requirements is not always easy. Therefore, smart people are often accompanied by a sense of frustration at their own accomplishments or at work that hinders their progress. Their obsessive demands on themselves also have a significant impact on their relationship with the environment.



2. Smart people have a hard time accepting messy reality, they are focused on the ideal reality

If you have a feeling of happiness, your brain is fully in reality. At this point, the person’s attention is completely focused on what is happening around him at a particular moment.



3. Smart people have a hard time getting pleasure from current events because they are constantly looking for ideas

The knowledge of the wise man is always the consciousness of the wise. His mind is powerless to take pleasure in the present moment: he is constantly reporting, calculating or formulating, analyzing or interpreting - he just looks too far and goes beyond reality. The mind tries to "edit" the current moment and find its meaning, because the situation itself is not enough for it. Such a sense of dissatisfaction pushes the mind to work and think only about how the given moments could have been better. As this process progresses, the human mind becomes even more tense because the conclusions it draws are insufficient or simply cannot draw any conclusions, and as the sense of failure grows and intensifies, the person becomes fully immersed in routine: start reading, writing, searching the Internet .


4. Happiness - This is thinking that can calm you down, and intelligence is thinking that gives you peace of mind.
Even eating is enough for happy thinking. Such a person does not try to change the present; It simply accepts reality as it is and acts according to circumstances. A smart person, on the other hand, has no reason to do so, so he will never know what makes a happy person happy and will always blame him for his laziness.


5. Most intelligent people constantly laugh at something
People with high intelligence are prone to clinging to specific issues, analyzing and deciphering everything. In order to make a decision, it is necessary for them to weigh everything in detail. These tendencies often lead to depression. However, the answers they receive to their painful questions can be a source of frustration and frustration, as well as a devastating effect on their lives.


"Observation without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence," said Jidu Krishnamurti.

6. If the result on offer turns out to be bad, smart people will experience deep frustration
Actions do not always allow for the same programmed results: Smart people are overconfident about the power of their own intellect and its ability to predict the consequences of their own actions.


7. Constant and ruthless self-criticism
Most intelligent people have a very low self-esteem and the reason for this is hidden in their constant and harsh criticism. They can’t take their own flaw because they think they have to meet the highest standards. That is why most intelligent people are often spiritually depressed.


8. They are looking for deeper living levels

Most intelligent people are good at distinguishing between good and bad, although they cannot accept the negative aspects of human beings and are very strict on this issue. Realizing the bitter reality puts a lot of pressure on their psyche and suppresses it, because most smart people, first of all, look deeply into their own inner world. They cannot live without constant rethinking and evaluation - this is their second nature. The minds of highly intelligent people are constantly asking questions and not allowing them to live in peace.


9. It is very difficult for others to really understand smart people

Relationships are the greatest happiness in human life. Usually people can share their feelings with others, which helps them to cope. Even the smartest person needs someone to share their worries, sorrows and thus ease the burden of life. But it is very difficult for them to do this because it is difficult to see a person who will be accepted as a partner and will be considered a person of their level.