Why an Aquarius man is Ignoring You?

Why an Aquarius man is Ignoring You?

1. Ignore Him Back

Sometimes if you are given quiet treatment and behave as if you are unaware or offering it a piece of your silent pie, they will be curious unexpectedly.

That could make him wonder what's happening, or open him to tell you what you've done that made him angry or upset enough to cut you off. For a time some Aquarius men are also gone.

They enjoy their rights and they want to use it when they feel they need it. You and everyone else can withdraw if they feel frustrated, overloaded, angry or upheaval.

So if that's a little bit and you're left wondering what you should have done to zip him up, just give it back to him. It makes him wonder what's happening to you.

He're going to come in and ask him why you're quiet. When you behave as if nothing is wrong, there too, he will be puzzled. Silence is counteracted.

2. Take a Break

I mean you're not supposed to break up by taking a break. I say, you should pull yourself back and give room and time. He may have to think about stuff.

If this is the case, it would just shut him down by pressing him or prodding him. He must know that when he wants it, he always has some freedom to use.

In general, some people need time to refresh themselves, think about all that is happening or what is happening. It helps him wrap his mind around stuff and find out what to do next.

In reality, it would be worth allowing him to think about this if he were upset. It will also allow you time to relax so that you can quickly do it and fix any issues that may be persistent while you are able to chat.

Give him some space and let him spend his free time figuring out what to do. It usually works, because once he does, he can come back and speak to you.

3. Give Him a Choice

Honestly, it might be time to tell him to get uprighted or lose if he is avoiding you or if it does not give you the time and attention you deserve. This is not the most enticing option, but it has to be set out often.

Nothing can be done by an Aquarian individual. So if he gives you silent treatment for no reason, spends less and less time with you, keeps you from having sex or spends even more time away from you, it can still be done.

Consider your choices and decide if you are prepared to wait for him to see whether he is going to return and mend clouds or if he tries to try and exploit you by staying away.

Will you spend too much time on him? He might see this as a dependence if you are, and that turns him away. However if you are rational and do your own business and still do so, then choose time.

4. Watch His Actions vs. Words

While he doesn't know you; what does he do? Does he spend more time alone or with friends? Will he neglect you when he's on the social media talking with others?

These may be signs of his willingness to rupture and of the initiative. If it's still pretty usual, but just quiet, though, leave it as he's thinking about something.

You have to watch him for a while to see what he is doing to decide what the right step is to take. He either goes to break it off or just thinks about things.

He might have stuff going on in his mind, which has nothing to do with you too; thus if you pressure him because it's calm, you might feel he's trying to take away his independence, or you're too hostile — he doesn't really like either.

So watch him before you go off every gung ho, quiet him or give him choices.



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