What Is Your Kindred Spirit Animal, By Zodiac Sign

What Is Your Kindred Spirit Animal, By Zodiac Sign

Kindred spirit animal for #Taurus: Elephant


#Taurus, your kindred spirit is the elephant. As a bull, you are strong, tenacious, virile, powerful, resilient and stubborn, while the elephant is majestic, magnificent, group-oriented, and they have a long memory.


You both are territorial and protective. You will lash out when you are in situations where you are uncomfortable, also once someone gains your trust, then they will be a part of your circle.


Kindred spirit animal for #Gemini: Fox

#Gemini, your kindred spirit is a fox. You are represented by twins, which is representative of duality. This is your form of interaction, transaction, exchange, and communication.


You are also known for being witty and adaptable. The sly fox is your kindred spirit because they are clever, full of energy, and curious.


You are perfect for each other because it takes a minute for you to fully trust someone but once you do, then you are friends for life.




Kindred spirit animal for #Cancer: Rabbit


#Cancer, your kindred spirit is the rabbit while you are represented by the crab. You really don't like conflicts, you are very sensitive and peace-loving, while also being nurturing, protective, and can sense danger.


This makes the rabbit your perfect kindred spirit because they are non-hostile and super cuddly. At the first sight of danger, you both flea, whether by hopping away or by digging a hole to hide in.




Kindred spirit animal for #Leo: Peacock


#Leo, your kindred spirit is the peacock. You are represented by the lion which is why you are so loved and adored. You also like to be the center of attention, like the peacock.


The colorful tail expresses creativity, watchfulness, protection, and awakening. The peacock helps amplify the expressiveness, need for love, protection, and creativity of your lion.


Kindred spirit animal for #Virgo: Squirrel

#Virgo, your kindred spirit is the squirrel that relates to your representative woman of love. You are shy, resourceful and quiet which relates to a squirrel because they are resourceful for survival.


Squirrels are also a good example of your meticulousness, attention to detail, and your ability to look at the bright side.


Kindred spirit animal for #Libra: Leopard


#Libra, your kindred spirit is a leopard. Your representative sign is the scales, which makes you known for your back and forth decision making from one extreme to another, while no one can tell you what to do.


Therefore, you are similar to the leopard because no one tells a leopard to do anything. You both think before you act and you both represent the ability to see the black, white, and all the gray.




Kindred spirit animal for #Scorpio: Snake


#Scorpio, your kindred spirit is the snake while you are represented by the scorpion.


You are all about learning as much information as possible and then keeping it for yourself so that you can use it to persuade others to do something.


Associating with the snake, they are the symbol of knowledge and telling stories.


Kindred spirit animal for #Sagittarius: Monkey

#Sagittarius, your kindred spirit is the monkey while you are represented by the centaur, a half man, half, horse creature. You love to travel the world.


The monkey works well with you because of their human type brain, they are curious about the world, cultures, and peoples that are different throughout the world.


You both don't like to sweat the little things or let obstacles overcome you, while you are also curious, friendly, smart, fun-loving, and adaptable.


Kindred spirit animal for #Capricorn: Owl

#Capricorn, your kindred spirit is the owl while you are represented by a goat. You are a great match because you both have ways to get through adversity.


Even if you have to take any longer roads to get where you want to go, don't worry, you will still reach your goals.


Your high intelligence is connected to the owl because you are both wise and can navigate through the darkness.


You both do not let anything go to waste and you can use whatever is at your disposal and make something out of it.


You are strong and can get anything done, no matter the circumstances or difficulty.




Kindred spirit animal for #Aquarius: Electric Eel


#Aquarius, your kindred spirit is the electric eel, which makes sense because #Aquarius is so closely tied water.


You like to collect knowledge and live in the future, while you wash away the negatives of your past.


The electric eel is representative of your Aquarian ability to deliver messages unconventionally.




Kindred spirit animal for #Pisces: Dolphin


#Pisces, your kindred spirit is the dolphin. You are represented by two fish swimming in different directions, which represents mysticism.


You have the goals to achieve your dreams while you are also a dreamer and will sometimes prefer your dreams over reality.


As a dolphin, a mammal of the ocean, you still have to be able to breathe on the surface, thus you are living in two worlds.


Dolphins are smart, intuitive, playful, and communicative and dolphins represent #Pisces' need to have balance and flow in their lives.