Virgo compatibility | Virgo Love Chart

Virgo compatibility | Virgo Love Chart


In this common but conflicting link lies the razor's edge between love and hatred. It is hard to resist, the attraction feels so destined. Aries Fire-sign enjoys independence and risk; nevertheless it falls empty to the cautious parent Virgo, a sign of a practicality and protocol. Earth sign. Aries's fire is singing the tips of Virgo's gossamer wings – yet the Virgin flutters into the fire. The two signs have a heroic complex, and this bond insists on repairing or introducing each other to various life patterns. It's exhilarating for the first six to 12 months. Arduous Aries handles a passionate and all-consuming romantic awakening for Virgo. Cautious Virgo shows the impetuous Ram how to calm down before crossing. Your identities have new facets – how beautiful!



You're a couple of elaborate signals from the planet that combine like cashmere and fur. Taurus adds a dash of elegance and the strong pitch of Virgo. You are what can be described as a "lovely couple," with nice tastes, social advantages and obsolete ideals. Even though your earthy side can make you hippies, you prefer to the conventional and both want products.

You are going to create a wonderful, well fitted home, while Taurus is going to have to battle the nice Virgo to keep plastic slips away from the sofas and doilies. Intellectual Mercury is governed by Virgo and pleasure-loving Venus is governed by Taurus. As a result Taurus's stuffed-shirt sensibilities can be more feisty, raw and direct.

Yet the Virgin easily loses herself and learns to joke. If Taurus overruns, he goes to the buffet for a fourth aid, or tips his bottle for a refill, it's nice to have responsive Virgo round the frequency.



This is a few who will last through the centuries when you are quick mates and smooth fellows. Virgo helps the zodiac and Cancer helps the zodiac. Your personal bond is instantaneous and you are eager to find a childish soul that doesn't just take. This is a refreshing change from the normal vampires of energy that you all draw! Your friendship is cute and biblical: many handholds, romantic cards and baubles. However, you too should store college money for your babies, earn advanced diplomas and take out your hypothecary. Protection is what all of you love. Somehow you are like parents and friends to each other through nagging, fussing and eating, you both show affection. And it works. And it works. You enjoy dining, decorating, reading novels and studying, a couple of self-professed nerds. Egally, you both remain flattering, no matter how much money you earn. There was a mistake (Scoring a high-end treasure at a tag sale or an eBay auction is orgasmic.)



Here you play flames, literally. Passionate Leo is a Sun ruling Fire symbol, and a world will illuminate the solar energy. Virgo is a convenient, cynical earth symbol that will dirty Leo's flames in order to burn into a global wildfire. It is a shame that the amazing Lion around Virgo is mute and subdued. The issue? Leo enjoys praise and needs his partner's continuous support. Virgo is a perfectionist in the zodiac; his critical disposition will lead Leo to diminish himself. Place your feelings on Leos Madonna and Jennifer Lopez with Guy Ritchie and Marc Anthony, their marriages to Virgos. Yes, with these men they had children which is necessary for the Lion of the family. However both megastars toned their flashy, wi-fi pictures. For all costs, this dynamic must be stopped. The earthy essence of Virgo can only be a terra firma under the foot of the Lion.


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