Today's Horoscope - Monday, 16 March

Today's Horoscope - Monday, 16 March



April 21 to May 21


The moon focuses on trust and friendship and because you rate these so highly, perhaps you expect too much of someone you only just met.


Some relationships need time to reveal their true potential.


Work-wise, an offer may not be exactly what you want – but think about how much it could teach you.





May 22 to June 21


Keeping the depths of your feelings secret can make you feel more secure but it could also be holding back love.


Someone needs to know how you feel.


Even if someone joining your family is not the one you would have chosen, don’t rush to judgment.


You could become good friends, given time.





June 22 to July 22


As the sun spins through a daring zone of your chart, you surprise everyone with your career decisions.


It is prime time to learn and a professional qualification is within reach, so don’t let doubters put you off.


Romance might seem to move slowly but you are about to discover just what you mean to someone.





July 23 to August 23


Your ruling light, the sun, is at the top of your chart and success matters more to you than you have let on.


The moment you admit you want to achieve more, opportunity opens up.


But remember, mixing romance and work must be done with care.


Luck has a Scandinavian connection.





August 24 to September 22


You might not see yourself as the creative type but the ideas you have today show you can be.


When you feel inspired to take a photograph of a special event, you could unleash a genuine talent.


Jupiter brings out your ability to make others feel good.


If you’re ready to get back into the dating game, it can start now.





September 23 to October 23


Your chart is strong on everything to do with your home life.


Even if it never interested you before, shaping a comfortable and stylish home fires your imagination – and if you are single, so does the new love about to come into your life.




October 24 to November 22


The moon and Venus connect the two most romantic, daring sectors of your chart.


You and a partner will learn so much more about each other – most of it good.


If you are still looking for The One, just for once let a friend advise you on your choice.


The kind of love a family can share is linked to a radio show.




November 23 to December 21


With Mars and Jupiter still side by side, you are impulsive as well as lucky.


It is fun to spend some extra money but investing in yourself and your future will be more rewarding.


Later, as the moon focuses on family life, it is you to whom people turn when there is a split decision about where a new home should be.





December 22 to January 20


You are such a good communicator, as the moon helps you find the perfect words.


Even when you have difficult things to say, you can keep things friendly.


There are surprises at work when someone you were never really sure of does you a genuine and important favour.


Luck visits door 35.





January 21 to February 18


A decision to love someone who you believe you will always be able to rely on might seem cold and calculating – yet it can grow into something very passionate and very special.


Starting the week with new faces in your working life is challenging but you know you have ability to spare.





February 19 to March 20


Being the centre of attraction might not appeal at first when you are offered a special role at a glittering event linked to the opening of a new business.


But to your surprise, you will enjoy every moment – and when you are handed a microphone, you show you can be a crowd-pleasing entertainer.

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