Today's Horoscope -  21 February 2020

Today's Horoscope -  21 February 2020


Today’s transits can fine you feeling freer, more optimistic, and more inclined to take the lead, dear #Aries, particularly regarding a business or your practical affairs. Money matters can reach a breakthrough point. You are brimming with energy today. Small changes made now can impact your future in significant ways, and it’s all about moving on, determined to make improvements rather than dwell on the past. Mars, your planetary ruler, forms a trine to Uranus, connecting your sector of career and reputation with your money and resources sector in a harmonious way. This transit can encourage you to release something that’s been weighing you down and/or embrace a new method that moves you forward. Your mood is lighter, and you’re brimming with natural enthusiasm and confidence.



The day holds pleasant, forward-looking energy, dear #Taurus, and you seem to be at the hub of it! You can gain a fresh perspective on your life now, and you’re particularly excited by activities that break the usual routine. You’re broadening your horizons by making connections, opening your mind to new ideas, or by venturing out into the world in different ways. Educational and travel plans may hold some excitement, and good news is possible. You’re certainly more interested in sharing your opinions and ideas with others. Still, you can also get very hot under the collar when you see injustices or when you feel misunderstood – when others don’t seem to really “get” what you’re trying to express. Brilliant ideas are easy to come by now. You may very well make some startling revelations or interesting connections. You’re brave, spontaneous, and ready to put an old habit, way, or attitude behind you.



Excellent energy is with you for progress on emotional levels, dear #Gemini, and perhaps even breakthroughs. It’s easier today to take action to put a problem behind you. You’re in great shape for making creative changes and discoveries, and experimenting with new possibilities comes more naturally. Advances are likely to be of a private nature, or they are largely unseen, but evident in your boosted mood and confidence. You march to the beat of your own drummer today, and you get away with it! You seem to be operating under the radar in some manner, and it works to your advantage. Surprising opportunities or offers might come your way, or you get the chance to put certain limitations behind you. You are open to addressing very personal matters with happy results.



You can feel uniquely alive and vital through your relationships and experiences today and this week, dear #Cancer. Good fortune might come your way as you try on new ways of relating and interacting. Whether it’s about good karma or a winning mental attitude, it’s time to enjoy yourself. Activities with people you care about can improve your mood, and your courage to face tricky matters helps you get over a hump. Moving on is far more attractive than dwelling on a problem with today’s Mars-Uranus transit. Even so, the Moon heads into your intimacy sector later today, suggesting you’re likely to seek a more in-depth activity or connection for more emotional satisfaction. You can be a wonderful mix of detached and interested today, and others are likely to take note.



You’re in a good place for productivity today, dear #Leo. Still, you have a particularly inventive and progressive spirit right now, and this is particularly the case related to work and business. A burst of motivation or energy helps you pursue a new project or health endeavor. Because you’re not inclined to dwell, you can zip through your work, possibly adopting a fresh method or coming at things in new ways. Thinking outside of the box is essential with practical matters. You have all the confidence to tackle a task that you may have overlooked in the past, or your chores/work can help you decompress and de-stress, effectively clearing your mind and boosting your mood. Your innovation and uniquely personal stamp on whatever you do can be in the spotlight.



Today can be fantastic for love and creativity, dear #Virgo, with Mars and Uranus in harmony with one another as well as with your sign. The fun of this transit lies mainly in the ability to see the positive side of a situation. You’re going over well with others and finding it particularly natural and easy to express your more unique traits. Your attitude is forward-looking, and you’re in a good position to put a negative element of your life behind you, mainly because you don’t have the patience to dwell on it! Moving on and improving are most attractive to you at the moment. Your appeal is powerful today, largely because you’re independent and confident. You’re also willing to express yourself in new ways and go on different adventures.



You’re in particularly good shape for putting more energy and muscle into improving your personal or home life right now, dear #Libra. You might arrive at innovative ways to make changes that benefit you down the road, and for now, leave you feeling more confident and content. You have all the right energy and true courage to deal with a domestic or personal matter head-on. Something speeds up, or you’re able to detach yourself from a situation, and you don’t want to dwell on a problem any longer. If you have something important to tackle around the house, you’re up for the challenge, and the same goes on an emotional or mental level. You are looking at issues from a new perspective. A problem or burden is now behind you, and it feels great to move on!



You’re exceptionally resourceful today, dear #Scorpio, seeing an opportunity and quickly grabbing it. You’re also quite independent now, even though you’re “playing well” with others and enjoying some happy interactions. Solving problems, particularly of the intellectual or mechanical variety, is more comfortable than usual. You have a wonderful way of inspiring, charming, and guiding others all at once. Partnerships and friendships benefit from a progressive, direct, hands-on, and active approach. You seem ready to take on a challenge, and a dash of extra courage helps you nudge a matter forward, which can be a nice relief. The Moon heads to the bottom of your solar chart later today, nevertheless, and you begin to pay much-needed attention to your personal life and needs for nurture, safety, and comfort.



Today’s transits tend to inspire you to do something just a little different, dear #Sagittarius, and it’s entirely refreshing. You especially benefit from a harmonious angle between Mars and Uranus that inspires you to take progressive action on a practical matter. It’s fine energy for inventive ideas and methods, particularly about making money or getting your work done more efficiently or quickly. Work and physical or health routines are easier to manage with your winning attitude and bursts of energy and confidence. While this influence does occur in your practical sectors, it’s nevertheless freeing, spirited energy that suits your personality well. You’re thinking and doing things outside of the box and coming up with innovative yet entirely doable strategies. Very little intimidates you today! You have little patience for things and methods that are weighing you down, making it an excellent time to clear out the clutter.



People are drawn to your vitality and unique energy today, dear #Capricorn. Your aura is electric, in a pleasing way, and if you’ve been in a creative rut, you’re leaving that behind. Socially, you are shining. An invitation might arrive for entertainment that you can’t turn down. With Mars in your sign harmonizing with Uranus in your sector of heartfelt pursuits, this is a time for seeking new and interesting experiences, not for doing the same-old, same-old. You stand out, and there can be a fun or romantic experience that’s most notable now. The Moon spends part of the day in your sign and the rest in your resources sector. While you’re revving up in some ways, your emotions are stabilizing, and it’s an ideal combination. Having a little fun with life leads to the most innovative and useful approaches right now.



A pleasant break from limiting attitudes or freedom from a problem can figure strongly now, dear #Aquarius, with Mars in harmony with Uranus. You can enjoy a boost on an emotional level. You’re bold when managing emotional matters and getting rid of things or even attitudes that are cluttering up your life. You want to feel as if you’re turning over a new leaf. This transit stirs you up from the inside out. You’re likely to feel far more “interactive” and friendly as the day advances. One reason for this is the Mars-Uranus transit that helps you focus on improvements, and another is the Moon’s move into your sign. This transit can produce some moodiness, but it’s also stimulating, animating your feelings and getting you in touch with your emotional needs.




Channeling your energies into positive activities comes naturally today, dear #Pisces. There can be exciting insights into your social life or the awakening of a personal interest. It’s a feel-good day for you, and even though you require a little more rest and time to yourself as the day advances, your social life can be pleasantly abuzz, or discoveries about a friend or group member can surface. You’re inspired by an action or idea, and you’re ready to put a plan in motion. You tend to forget your inhibitions just enough to pull out of a slump or do something you’ve put off doing in the past. Courage comes more readily, particularly with your voice and social life today and