What Does Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign Say About Them? See you Dog's Zodiac

What Does Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign Say About Them? See you Dog's Zodiac

Have you ever wondered why your dog has the personality they do? How your dog was raised and what breed they are absolutely play a role in their personality, but maybe your pup still has some traits that defy logic.


Here, we turn to the stars to take a glimpse into the doggy zodiac and find out why our dogs are who they are. For those of you with rescue dogs who don’t know your dog’s birthday, this may give you an idea of when to celebrate based on their behavior.


Mostly this dog zodiac is just for fun and a conversation starter to share with your friends and family. Take a look and see if your dog’s personality matches up with their sign! Which zodiac sign best describes your dog’s behavior?


Capricorn Dog: Born December 22 To January 19



Capricorn dogs are ruled by the planet Saturn and born under an earth sign that is one of the most grounded of the zodiac. This makes Capricorn pups organized–they always know where their favorite toys are–and in touch with their physical body–they can run around for hours.

Capricorn dogs are also prone to anxiety, so be sure to ease any separation anxiety or other fears with proper training and preventative measures. If these anxieties are eased, Capricorn dogs love socializing with fellow dogs and humans alike.


Aquarius Dog: Born January 20 To February 18



Aquarius is a very intelligent and intuitive sign. These dogs seem to know exactly when you’re about to walk through the door and know not to whine at you during your favorite show.


They’re extremely loving pups and adore being snuggled. Sometimes Aquarius doggos can be a bit stubborn, and will do what they want to do when they want to do it. This includes barking at the bush’s shaking shadow outside the front door for thirty minutes straight.

Aquarius dogs can benefit greatly from obedience training, and will love how much affection you give to them for their good work.


Pisces Dog: Born February 19 To March 20



The Pisces dog has a dreamy sort of personality and craves nothing but peace and harmony. If another dog growls at a Pisces pup, they will likely back down to avoid violence and aggression.


They are inherently sweet and make excellent pets for families with small children. Don’t let their sweet-as-sugar persona fool you, though. Behind that innocent look, the Pisces pup knows that they have you wrapped around their paw, just like they had planned.


Aries Dog: Born March 21 To April 19



The Aries dog is adventurous, courageous, and optimistic–almost to a fault. Sound like your pup? Chances are good that they’re an Aries baby.


Aires dogs will spend their days chasing squirrels in the yard and never give up, no matter how high that squirrel is up that tree. They’ll also show their bravery to protect you from evil things, like the mailman.


Pups under this sign are wanderers, so it’s an excellent idea to get an Aires dog, microchipped and spayed/neutered–in fact, that’s a good idea for any dog! The Aries’s adventuresome spirit combined with their can-do attitude can lead to roaming.


Taurus Dog: Born April 20 To May 20


Does your dog just “decide” when a walk is done and plop down on their butt, refusing to move? That’s typical Taurus dog behavior.


Taurus dogs are notorious for their stubbornness; it’s their way or the highway! These Earth sign pups also love indulging themselves, whether that’s with loads of fine dining–such as table scraps dropped by your toddler–or with luxurious toys.


Be sure that your Taurus dog gets plenty of exercise to balance out any binge-ing they may do.


While Taurus dogs can be stubborn and a bit gluttonous, they are incredibly loyal, loving companions.


Gemini Dog: Born May 21 To June 20


Do you feel like your dog is happy and playful one minute and then withdrawn and sulky the next? Then your dog may be a Gemini.


Geminis often get a lot of flack for their alleged dual-personalities and mercurial demeanors. Despite the occasional emotional whiplash, Gemini dogs are actually incredible.


They are extremely charming and will win over even the most stand-offish of guests. Their magnetism makes dealing with a sometimes erratic, quirky temperament totally worth it.


Cancer Dog: Born June 21 To July 22



Dogs born under the Cancer sign are cuddly, loving creatures. Cancer is a water sign, meaning it’s ruled by emotions, and the Cancer dog has a surplus of those.


These pups are sensitive creatures and may appear hurt if their outward signs of affection towards you are not 100 percent reciprocated.


They’re also incredibly nurturing creatures, and they’re most in their element when they’re taking care of someone they’re fond of. This makes Cancer dogs amazing foster mamas to rescued pups


Leo Dog: Born July 23 To August 22



Leo is represented by the lion, and that’s fitting because Leo dogs’ personalities are as big as a lion’s mane. Bold, goofy, and a teeny bit melodramatic,

Leo pups love being the center of attention with goofy antics like tail-chasing or with expressive howling sessions. Leos are also incredibly extroverted and

will surely win over any guests you have over.


Be wary, however, because sometimes Leo dogs’ need to be in the spotlight 24/7 can be a bit tiring for some.


Virgo Dog: Born August 23 To September 22


Is your dog more on the quiet side and a stickler for the rules? Looks like you might have a Virgo pup on your hands!


A Virgo dog can be a bit of a worrywart and may have some anxiety issues if not properly trained. Virgo pups are also incredibly analytical and practical, so if they see a bunny in the yard that’s too far away to catch, they might save their energy and wait for a better opportunity


They’re also hard workers and love pleasing you.


Libra Dog: Born September 23 To October 22



Libra dogs are all about having every part of their lives balanced. Like the scales that represent them, Libra dogs are always weighing their options before making a decision–like whether or not to chew on your favorite shoes–which can sometimes make them procrastinators.


That half eaten bone? A Libra dog will get to it later.


As doggos who thrive with balance, the Libra canine loves living with another dog to be their partner in crime. Loving and fair, Libra pups are pretty great.


Scorpio Dog: Born October 23 To November 21



Scorpios are known for the intensity they bring to every aspect of their lives. Scorpio dogs do not have a “chill” button, which is clear by their fierce loyalty to those they love.


This loyalty can quickly turn into envy or jealousy if the Scorpio dog feels that a new significant other or anyone else is threatening to take away their territory and provider–you! To avoid a Scorpio pup’s potential territorial issues, be sure to stick to routine training.


Despite their somewhat intimidating personas, loving a Scorpio dog is totally worth it, as their love for you will be undying.


Sagittarius Dog: Born November 23 To December 21



Does your dog longingly stare out the window at seemingly nothing? Do they ponder deep things, like who is that identical dog on the other side of the mirror glass? Sounds like you might have a Sagittarius pup on your hands.


Sagittarius dogs often have their heads in the clouds and love exploring the world around them. You’ll make your Sagittarius dog’s day by taking them on an exciting new hike, a cross-country road trip, or out to the beach.


Sag canines can also be very impatient, so be sure to give them plenty of toys to occupy themselves with when you are at work.


What’s your dog’s zodiac sign? Do the sign’s typical personality traits line up with your pup’s? Let us know in the comments below!