26 January - Scorpio

26 January - Scorpio

Jan 26, 2020 - You might have a difficult day focusing on mundane tasks or work today, Scorpio. The Moon in fellow Water sign Pisces is in your fifth house of pleasures and play today. Children could be a focus today, but romance could as well. So if you want to make a move in romance, go for it!

Just be breezy today, this is not a serious talks kind of day for you. The stresses of life can really get you down, Scorpio, but don’t let them today. That Pisces Moon in your fifth house is encouraging you to put all of that aside, at least for today. Today that awesome energy that you are feeling and its beautiful potential is there for you too, Scorpio.

Don’t feed the insecurity machine today, or that light and joy is going to glide right past you and your insecurities are going to manifest into reality. Pull yourself out of the dumps today if you need to by spreading some love around.