Horoscope today: February 27, 2020

Horoscope today: February 27, 2020

It’s a ‘get lucky’ kind of day in the #Scorpio headquarters, and we are talking about work and money here. A new opportunity is likely to come your way, one that you have been

manifesting for a while now. #capricorn-shares-with-deepika-padukone/">#Capricorn, love at first sight is overrated. Get to know them on a deeper level. #Gemini, that bruised knee

is a good sign. It means that you’ve made an effort. What Spirit is asking you to do this week: have fun and be playful.



Aries Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020



Statutory warning: things could go out of hand. We are in the midst of Mercury retrograde after all! But before you externalise the problem or play the blame game, look within.

There’s a chance you’re being too harsh with yourself or others. Word for the wise: keep your eyes on the prize, but don’t make the journey a struggle. The only way to get what you

want is to become a harbinger of peace, and choose the path of least resistance.

Cosmic tip: Keep the vision in mind.


#Taurus Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020



Have you really learned the lesson like you say you have? Have you really let go of the hurt and the pain? Statutory warning: you will be tested, and not because the Universe has

something against you, but because it wants you to rise up and evolve to the next level. A certain degree of acceptance will help you make space for the change. When it comes to

decisions, find a balance between your head and your heart. This will help you move forward in the right direction.

Cosmic tip: It’s time to integrate the lesson and rise up to the next level.


#Gemini Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020



Victory is overrated. You have to fall every now and then, #Gemini. You have to come home with a broken heart or a bruised knee, because this signifies you have made an effort

and tried something that doesn’t come naturally. Your focus this week: getting in touch with your playful energy. It’s never too late to unleash your wild and free side.

Cosmic tip: Have fun. Make mistakes.


#Cancer Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020


The difference between people who make it and the ones who don’t is not skill and opportunity alone. It is the willingness to play the field that sets one apart. The ability to put

yourself out there despite the risks it entails. Let go of your invisibility cloak, #leo-#capricorn-#scorpio-#taurus-#sagittarius-#aries-#pisces/">#Cancer. Let go of your idea of who you

are as you embrace the becoming. This new chapter of your life requires a lethal combination of courage and initiative.

Cosmic tip: Embrace the becoming.


#Leo Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020


The thing about spiritual amnesia is that it makes us forget our roots. We lose sense of who we are and where we come from. But something within you is changing, #Leo, and it is

helping you look beyond the veil. You are not only raising your consciousness, but also realising that you are a being of light. Bury the jewels hidden deep within your soul as you

hold space for those around you to do the same. Trust that others who are walking the same path will benefit from your wisdom.

Cosmic tip: Trust in your abilities to look beyond the veil.


#Virgo Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020



Ready to level up, #aries-#scorpio-#pisces-#leo-#cancer-dubai-australia/">#Virgo? A big breakthrough moment is on the cards. For some, this could mean rising in ranks or being

offered a promotion. If it feels in alignment with the life you want to create for yourself, say yes. The success you are experiencing right now will bring you in the spotlight for all the

right reasons. Know how to capitalise on the given opportunities. It’s time to network with the right people.

Cosmic tip: Level up.


#Libra Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020



So they made a mistake, #aries-#pisces-#scorpio-#taurus-#gemini-#cancer-#sagittarius-#capricorn-#leo-alia-bhatt-gauri-khan-amitabh-bachchan/">#Libra. Let’s not forget you did

too. That makes you even, does it not? At any point of time, you have two options: to continue to hold onto the grudges, or make space for the light to enter. Channel your inner

Buddha. Know that forgiveness is not just about the other person. Your personal freedom is at stake here. Learning to manage your expectations is another lesson you are being

asked to learn. Keep in mind that everybody is dealing with their own struggles which you know nothing about.

Cosmic tip: Forgiveness will free you.


#Scorpio Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020



It's a ‘get lucky’ kind of day in the #Scorpio headquarters, and we are talking about work and money here. Lo and behold! A new opportunity (one that you’ve been manifesting) could

come your way. Alternatively, you could be investing in a business of your own or discussing money matters. The key to success is learning to put your coins where they grow.


Cosmic tip: New opportunities are coming up on the work and money front.


#Sagittarius Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020



Where is this sense of dissatisfaction stemming from? Could you be doing too little of what sets your soul on fire? The cards are asking you to bring your attention back to your long-

term vision, and realign with the chosen path. The projects you are working on right now may serve you in the short run, but they are not challenging you to grow or adding to your

portfolio. That’s something to be mindful of when you find yourself struggling to make the right choices.

Cosmic tip: Do more of what sets your soul on fire.


#Capricorn Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020



Love at first sight is overrated. The greatest romances develop over a period of time, this is something you are coming to realise. Get to know them on a deeper level, #Capricorn.

The Universe is holding space for you to uncover newer layers. Saturnians who have recently discovered a connection with somebody will feel inspired to spend more time getting to

know them. Remember, you don’t have to be anybody other than who you are. Trust that they will appreciate the gift of authenticity.

Cosmic tip: Here’s to love that gets better with time.


#Aquarius Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020



Maybe it’s not alignment. Maybe it represents a part of who you used to be, but not who you are becoming. If it is causing you this much anxiety, it’s best to let go, #Aquarius. Today,

the cards are asking you to pay attention to your mental health as you eliminate the triggers. Next step: find a way to alleviate your mood. Consider a long walk in nature or turn to

astrology or spirituality to unravel the secrets of life.

Cosmic tip: Pay attention to your mental health.


#Pisces Horoscope Today: February 27, 2020



Often, when we choose to live consciously, we give ourselves grief about material pleasures. But who says you can’t perfect the Mayurasana during the day and enjoy a glass of

wine while watching the sun go down? It’s called the fine art of balance, #Pisces, and today you’re being asked to embrace all aspects of yourself. When in doubt, choose what the

Buddhists call the ‘middle path’. Moderation is the key to the peace and harmony you are seeking.

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