Corona Virus COVID19 in Astrology 2020

Corona Virus COVID19 in Astrology 2020

2020 is underway and, sure enough, the difficulties augured by Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter’s planetary paths are playing out. All over the world, we see that the explicit and unspoken

arrangements essential for holding society together are no longer working. The movement of these large, powerful planets through the sign of #Capricorn calls for deep cleaning and

societal realignment.


As the coronavirus situation unfolds, we will see that this, too, is a stress test for the implicit understandings between societies and nations. When should a city’s borders be open for

crossing, when must it close? How are national boundaries serving us or not serving us, when a threat so global and borderless emerges? Where are the plans for international

response coordination? Who is in charge?


While humanity grapples with these questions, it’s important for each of us to evaluate our own loyalties and ideals for behavior — what are you and I really about, if the systems we

put faith in are letting us down? Where do we aim if the goalposts are moving? When the adults leave the room, will we choose selfishness and fear-based reactions — or can we

hold ourselves to higher standards and our own ideals for decency. Your own principles come from within — they do not rely on any external validation or social approval. Are you in

touch with your inner wisdom?





The Great Transformation of 2020 requires us to recalibrate on a personal level, to get in touch with what we intuitively feel is true. This will greatly support society’s evolution out of

old arrangements into new ones. Assume nothing, question everything — even moreso if everyone you know agrees with you.

Lets do the Capricornian hard work now so we can reap the rewards of futuristic #Aquarius. At that point the caterpillar will shed its chrysalis so the butterfly can emerge. 🦋