8 ways how to protect your aura

8 ways how to protect your aura

Our energy inevitably merges and interacts with the energy of all the people we deal with ...

Although this is not always clear and obvious, but the people around us affect our aura. And the more we protect ourselves from the action of their inner demons and negative energy, the better our own lives will be.

We do not always know how others feel, and we do not always notice when a black stripe forms in their lives - instead we always feel and feel when their energy becomes negative. We energy inevitably merges and interacts with the energy of all the people we deal with. Often the action of someone else’s negative energy on our aura leaves us extremely exhausted.

So, if you realize that lately the energy of those around you is acting on you more and more strongly, and more often negatively, you should definitely work on your own defense.

These seemingly simple tips can completely help keep your aura safe and protect you from someone else's toxicity.

Here are 8 ways to protect your aura:

1. Fragrant smoke

Depending on the circumstances, you can completely make the atmosphere in your home more positive with the help of scented sticks or aromatherapy with appropriate oils. Inhaling the aroma will allow you to divert attention from the negative, and if you do not concentrate on it, it will be much easier for the soul to clear your aura of negative energy. Then it's just up to you whether or not you let that negative into your personal space again.

2. Do not lose balance

The less you allow someone else’s words and actions to take you off balance, the better your mood will be, and the less someone else’s negativity will penetrate into your soul. No matter what happens around you, try not to get too close to the heart - the energy vampires around you achieve just that. Not everything is as it seems.


3. Protect yourself through salt

It may seem strange to you, but the simplest salt can protect you from many kinds of negative energy. If you are in a situation where you can not use scented smoke to "expel" negative energy, make a protective salt, put it in a cloth bag and fasten it tightly. My favorite type of salt is Himalayan pink salt. My life experience indicates that it absorbs negative energy most effectively.

4. White light meditation

White Light Meditation - This is a meditation during which you try to see the bright white color inside you and bring it "out". This dazzling white light is our inner protection that can protect us on the path of life. Especially effectively it takes attacks on our aura.


5. Leave the negative behind the doors

When you return home in the evening, try to leave behind all the stress and negativity that has accumulated that day. Do not bring it home. Take five minutes to meditate on all of this and let go - if you really need anything from here, you can always pick it up again when you go to work in the morning. While something like this requires some practice, it can prove to be a very useful tool of protection.


6. Carry crystals with you

One of the best crystals to take with you if you want to protect your aura from external action is crushed amber, smoky quartz, tourmaline and amethyst. All these stones help to cleanse your aura and protect it during the day. While their impact may seem trivial at first glance, if you wear them every day, over time it will become noticeable.

7. Open windows and doors

If you feel cramped in the house, despite its spacious rooms and air conditioning ionizer, just remove the windows and assembly. This will help you to expel the long remaining energy around you. However, this is not always enough, in any case you will not be hindered.


8. Cut off contact

Stop contact with people who are constantly sinking to the bottom. If you allow them to turn your life into chaos every time, and you convince yourself that they just "had a hard day", you are hurting yourself. You deserve to gain inner peace, but you will not succeed if you are accompanied by toxic people.