8 Reasons that Aquarius Is The Most Reliable Person Sign Of The Zodiac

8 Reasons that Aquarius Is The Most Reliable Person Sign Of The Zodiac

A free-spirited wild child is how most people describe an Aquarius.However, they don't know that being a dreamer isn't all it's cracked up to be.Sure, it sounds more appealing than being a stubborn Taurus or an overprotective Scorpio, but to be honest, being an Aquarius hurts.It hurts bad.

Like all the other signs, we don't mean to be the way we are.It's just written in the stars for us to be a certain way.Often, Aquarius are laughed at, overlooked and considered ridiculous because of our creative minds and rampant hearts.It can be emotionally exhausting and discouraging to always have people judging the way we live our lives.How we live isn't wrong; it's just misunderstood. Here are eight reasons Aquarius is the most often misunderstood sign:


1. We're distant.

Everyone knows Aquarians are notorious for being emotionally disconnected.

We're closed off until we believe the right one comes along.

We're not trying to be difficult.

We just value the insanity in our hearts and minds so much that we can't fathom sharing this craziness with just anyone.

We want to love, but we just can't.

But if we do, brace yourself.


2. We love too hard.

When an Aquarius does finally let you in, you're in. It's all or nothing.

We're not good at games, and we're not good at keeping it causal.

If we find someone we believe is worth sharing our souls with, then you better believe we're going to give you everything we've got.

This may not sound like a bad thing at all, until we get hurt.

When Aquarians suffer heartbreak, it's catastrophic.

We'll revert right back to being emotionally disconnected, and this time, the wall will be even thicker.

This is our defense mechanism; we're not just being difficult.

3. We don't find issues with dreaming.

So many times, I've been told my dreams are unrealistic, and I need to come back to earth.

But why? Aquarians will never understand why it's so bad to dream.

I want to travel to Prague, change the world, save a bunch of trees and restore faith in humanity.

So, why the f*ck can't I?

We're not stupid for wanting to do far-fetched things.

We just have a little more hope than everyone else.


4. We don't sit still.

Aquarians are always moving, always running and always looking for the next big adventure.

I'm not saying we don't enjoy a few glasses of wine and relaxation on a Friday night, but every Friday night?

Aquarians have an understanding about the world that no other signs do.

We understand the world is beautiful, and wasting days not embracing that beauty is throwing life away.

Just because we're in Las Vegas and dreaming about going to Paris doesn't mean we're ungrateful or unsatisfied.

It means we can't wait to find out how much we'll love the next adventure.


5. We love the little things.

My friends laugh at me because I'm that person who will slow down the group in order to take a picture of a beautiful tree.

Nature is beautiful, and life is beautiful.

We may be a bunch of closeted hippies, but so what?

If the rest of the world literally stopped to smell the roses, maybe it would be a happier place.


6. We're easily hurt.

Whether it's losing a loved one, having something fail or just being unhappy, we feel hardships more than anyone else.

Why? Because we're in touch with our souls in a different way.

Aquarians love and live positivity, so when negativity makes an appearance, it throws off our entire beings.


7. We're terrible at hiding our feelings.

What I mean by this is, when we feel something, it shows.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves because we don't know anything else.

We'd love to be able to paint smiles on our faces and pretend everything is OK, but that's just not how Aquarians work.

We don't want pity or attention; we just want to feel better.

Sometimes we won't even realize something is wrong until a person mentions we look upset.

That's what will make Aquarius realize there's something going on deep down that is radiating out.


8. We're walking contradictions.

We love so deeply, but we are extremely unemotional.

We run with the wind, but once we have a vision, we want exactly that.

We don't get it either.

But hey, just let it be.

Try to understand, and take us as we are. If you can't, just don't rain on our parades.