2020 Aquarius Horoscope month by month

2020 Aquarius Horoscope month by month

  • January – This is a favorable time to develop good relationships with others. The relationships, especially the new ones, need to be treated with caution. 
  • February – The love life of Aquarius will be considerably improved than in the previous months. This is a time when you will get closer to your lover. 
  • March – Diet and physical exercises must be consequent to avoid issues that might occur this month.  April – This month, the Aquarius will have a good professional life, due to the favorable planetary positions. 
  • May – Throughout the month, the financial situation is quite satisfying, and you will also have some lucky moments. 
  • June – Don’t get stressed, and try to control your impulses in the following period. Sports and going out in the middle of nature will bring your body and mind the relaxation they need. 
  • July – This month, communication, and sincerity are the key elements so that your relationship can move forward.
  • August – Avoid impulsive acquisitions, and give up some of your most expensive passions and hobbies if you want to have an excellent financial situation.
  • September – Tact, and diplomacy will do wonders in your career. This year, the relationship with the clients is the key to survival.
  • October – With the passing of the month, you will obtain promotions, salary increases, and recognition.  
  • November – This month, you might enjoy increasingly more gain, although some undesired expenses might also occur.
  • December – Avoid food rich in fats because your digestive system could suffer during this period.