10 Horoscope superstitions

10 Horoscope superstitions


You should not wash your hands and wash everything in the water where the baby is conscious of the disease in the little bath. Keeping old shoes at home-a sign of illness if you are tired-a sign of a mild illness. A dog sneezing-causing someone to get sick. The right one is tired, yours, and your loved one is on the left. Medical equipment will make the disease worse. Pearls can cause illness, tears and loss. It is a sign of a serious illness if your left leg hurts, but you have a chance to get rid of it. If you have a left buttock-it 's a sickness signal, and if you have a left buttock-it 's a sign of someone's evil intentions. It is a sign of illness if you have ribs on the left side.


If you decide to buy a used car, It is better to buy from a wealthy owner. If the owner sells the car due to lack of money, you will have financial problems with the car. Bird skincare on the car-financial success, but you need to clean the car immediately if you want it to be applied. You can't drive far on Monday, you can't chat in the car about selling it, you can annoy the car and break down sometimes. It is not worth traveling if you do not see the car key by chance, or the wheel gets stuck. If there is a letter "U" in the car series, the number 7 is mixed, or the numbers are divided by 7, this is a good sign. No need to wash the car in front of your windows, it can be hijacked by someone. It's a positive sign if you're holding the nail in the car that broke your wheel. You will protect the car from a similar issue in the future.


Windy weather in the first days of April - there will be incessant rains in June


If your heel is stuck in the asphalt - a sign of happiness.


• It is a sign of rain if frogs leap on the shore.

• There would be a long rain if big bubbles emerge from drops on the water.

• There will be huge rain in June if the first days of April are windy.

• High and round rainbow - there will be wind; Low and long - bad weather.

• The atmosphere will be perfect if the locusts make a lot of noise in the evening.

• Rainy-infertility; Dry March-a sign of yield.

• Sparrows teams - a sign of dry and good weather.

• Red Moon of Namgala-a symbol of rain.

• Frequent stars in the sky in winter - a sign of cold, in summer - good weather.

• Bright, sharp moon in summer - a sign of good weather; In winter - the cold.

• The weather would be pleasant if the moon is gloomy, if it is raining, if it is clear and clear.

• If the smoke is columnar - it will be frost.

• Itching under the knee - a sign of weather change, warming.


It is not recommended to name the newborn after any of your family members. A guardian angel can deceive and protect not a newborn but another human being. It would be nice if you could name a child after a loved one or relative who is happy and fortunate. Along with the name comes fate and character traits as well.


If your left thigh trembles - a sign of kindness and joy If your right thigh trembles - it is a sign of misfortune


Team of sparrows - a harbinger of dry and clear weather Sparrows roar in the dust - a harbinger of rain

The ring

• The crucified woman should not measure the engagement ring - it means to be away from the groom.

• If you lose: gloves - a sign of trouble. If you lose your earring - you will hear bad news. Losing a ring means moving away from a loved one. Clock - failure in business. Losing a jacket will be a scandal. Loss of products - someone is arranged at your expense. Loss of a key - your house will be robbed. Losing money - you can not carry out the plan. Loss of a cell phone - a quarrel awaits you.

• Before or after the wedding you can not give someone else a wedding ring to measure.


You have to take the ticket with your left hand - you will be successful