Edi Gogidze
3 months ago

What is each zodiac sign like when they like you?

Aries - They will inquire as to what you did yesterday or what your plans are for tomorrow, and they will express their desire to be with you.

Taurus - In general, they are gentle and considerate. The most noticeable indication that Taurus likes you is that he or she lavishes lavishly on you with presents.

Gemini - They start to have an interest in the things you are interested in. Cancer - In reality, the demand for love is greater than that of the other zodiac signs. They'll still want to know where you are or what you're up to. They genuinely want to spend the whole day and night with you.

Leo - If you find Leo always stares at you, congrats, Leo had a crush on you. Virgo - Admire you and take good care of you.

Libra - Libra is a gregarious sign. Their mates find they are fun to be around. If, on the other hand, you believe his or her temper is not as good as his or her friends say, congratulations, you are special in Libra's eyes.

Scorpio - Scorpio is very talented in spying. They will ask others about everything around you secretly before ask you out.

Sagittarius - They, like all fire signals, enjoy keeping an eye on you at all times. Furthermore, they make an effort to share every joke they know with you.

Capricorn - They may hide their feelings. However, you can tell from their actions.

Aquarius - Always smile at you. You are the very first person they want to share their crazy ideas with.

Pisces - Make daydreams about you. Cry for you and even want to elope with you.